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Baseball Team Program

Saints Advanced Baseball Program

As sports have become more competitive locally and nationally, it has become more important to train and receive proper instruction year round. Ninety percent 90% of professional and division I athletes come from warmer climate states or countries. The main reason for this is that athletes from warmer climates train and play year round, which results in far more superior skills than athletes from colder climates.

It is our goal at the Saints Sports Academy to level this competitive field. The facilities, instruction, coaching, tournaments and leagues to participate in that we provide allow our athletes to DEVELOP their skills at the same or better rate than warmer climate athletes. Baseball and Fastpitch Softball athletes should train and if possible play 10 to 11 months a year. This is consistent with developing athletes from warmer climates.
Saints Advanced Baseball Teams will not interfere with any community, traveling or high school programs. They are intended to be an additional training/developmental opportunity for players to participate in to prepare for their spring & summer programs.

Team members will receive highly-qualified instruction from current and former St. Paul Saints players and coaches. Athletes will learn proper techniques in hitting, fielding (infield and outfield), throwing, pitching, and catching. Along with position-specific training, athletes will have weight training (ages 14-18) and plyometric agility & quickness training (all ages).

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